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Why use Engler’s Designer Images?

It is our desire to create for you a portrait which helps you look your very best, and positively illustrates your character and personality. Our studio will spare no effort or expense to totally please you. We truly want to create the finest portrait for you.

Careful planning is one of the main differences which separate the work of Engler’s Designer Images from that of other portrait photographers. We spend time with you before, during and after the photography session; planning everything from helping you learn what clothing is most complementary to discussing what time of day is best for your portrait to be created.

Our superb artist, Don, is another reason that the portraits are so beautiful and complementary. It is his careful, loving touch, and the many years of using a variety of different software that will flatter your images. All of this, helps separate our portrait images from those of other local photographers.

To combine all of the above with unique sensitivity and sincerity and true desire to create a lasting portrait of you can be found in very few photographic artists today. That is why Don has extended himself to obtain the highly acclaimed degrees of Master, Craftsmen and Certified Professional of Professional Photographers of America.